Legislation Requiring Inspection of Sewer Laterals at Point of Sale Creates Issues on Peninsula

Real estate sales in two peninsula citiesthe City of South San Francisco and the City of Pacificahave been impacted by new legislation requiring property owners, at their own expense, to conduct testing and inspection of sewer laterals and to obtain a certificate of compliance before a property can be transferred to, or vested in any other person or entity. If the sewer lateral shows signs of defects and/or leaks, the cities require replacement prior to transfer of title. Exceptions apply in each case.

For further information, contact:
City of South San Francisco
Department of Public Works
Telephone: 650-877-8550
Fax: 650-877-8665
E-mail: web-pw@ssf.net
City of Pacifica
Brian K. Martinez Sr.
Collection System Manager
Telephone: 650-738-4669
Fax: 650-355-5721
E-mail: martinezb@ci.pacifica.ca.us

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