12 Monthly Home Checklists for 2019

By: Paige A Mitchell

The end of each year is a time of reflection for all of us. We promise ourselves that, starting in the new year, we will be and do better. We will get our lives back on track, we will be productive, and we will make this year our year.

Well, the new year is here. In addition to our get-fit-fast goals and our target toward a better work-life balance, we should also look to our homes for areas of improvement. After all, we spend 90% of our time indoors, so we might as well make it the most enjoyable environment we can. Here’s home improvement broken down into 12 attainable monthly goals.

January—Organize and prioritize

Start small by going through a planning phase. List the home improvement projects you want to get done this year and prioritize them. Consider whether you’ll DIY or hire a professional. Planning ahead will help you budget for the bigger projects you have coming up. Contact local service providers for a quote or follow up on your home warranty coverage.

February—Conserve energy

So, you decided to be more environmentally friendly this year. A good start to hitting your green living goals is by switching to the most energy-efficient light bulbs. Go a step further by installing motion-sensor exterior lights and smart interior light switches. These bright ideas can save you money on your energy bill, but it can also help you get through the final dark hours before Daylight Savings begins in March.

March—Add color

March marks the beginning of spring. Warm up your winter neutrals by adding some color back into your life. This could be anything from a vibrant area rug to leafy green houseplant. If you want something fresh and fun, try Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is living coral.


Most homeowners get another burst of motivation this time of year. Take April to do some well overdue deep cleaning. Washing windows, clearing gutters, replacing HVAC filters, spraying for insects, and power-washing siding are just some ideas.

May—Tend to garden

April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s time to get in the garden if you haven’t already. Cosmos and marigolds are pretty summer flowers to plant in May, according to SFGate. Gardeners should also do their due diligence by weeding, pruning, and inspecting for slugs and snails.


Summer is the best time to give your house a fresh coat of paint. Collegiate Painters explains that we can’t rely on consistently dry and warmer weather until June. If your home’s exterior doesn’t need new paint, you might still find value in changing up the look of the front door or staining the deck.

July—Reclaim the garage

There’s nothing quite like a hardworking garage. This room should store all or most of a homeowner’s tools, workout and sports equipment, and at least one vehicle. However, the reality is that the garage gets cluttered so quickly that many of us are forced to park in the driveway. Use a series of Saturdays to chip away at the mess that is, but will no longer be, your garage.


Remodeling can sound intimidating and expensive, but it’s only as involved as you want it to be. You don’t have to gut your entire bathroom or kitchen to transform the space. To do so, focus on function rather than aesthetics. Start by replacing old fixtures and faucets. Try tiling or regrouting. Then, if there’s room in the budget, splurge on a new dishwasher or vanity.


There’s no better time to decorate than fall. Year after year, craft and home decor stores go above and beyond by stocking their shelves with the coziest accents. Buy some candles while they’re on sale, rotate in new throw pillows, and don your door with a pretty fall wreath.

October—Stock the guest room

Be prepared for overnight guests this upcoming holiday season. Clean out the guest bedroom if you have one. Buy a big plastic tote where you can keep spare bedding and linens fresh. Add extra toiletries to your grocery list too.

November—Ditch drafts

As the temperatures drop, it’s worthwhile to inspect your doors and windows for drafts. If you feel cold air coming through closed entrances, seal them with weatherstripping. This will help lower your heating bills and make your home more comfortable overall.

December—Rearrange furniture

You might have moved furniture to accommodate a Christmas tree or holiday guest. Or, as you were hosting, you might have discovered that your living room layout just isn’t working. Shake things up a bit going into the new year by angling armchairs toward each other, as to promote conversation, or letting the kids switch rooms.

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