How to Sell Your House Faster

Guest Post By:Paige A. Mitchell

Many homeowners dream of “upgrading” their current residence to one that’s more in line with their ideal neighborhood and amenities. However, the process of selling one home and closing on another can be a particularly nerve-wracking one.

That’s especially true when the ability to close on your new home hinges upon the sale of your current home. Bay Area homes are most expensive, and you don’t have much time to waste in situations like this.

To streamline the process and prepare you for what’s to be expect during this transition, we’re going to look at some strategies you can employ to sell your home faster.


When you’re looking for a buyer, remember that your home is effectively the product you’re selling. When you shop for a used item, do you settle for one that’s falling apart?

Most of us are more likely to buy a home that looks as though its past owners have put some real love and care into it. San Francisco homes have history and character to them, but that charm can quickly fall into disarray without proper maintenance.

That means ensuring that your house clean and tidy, and that all appliances and systems are up and running. Don’t show your home with screens falling out of its windows or with a dented and scratched front door. Do your best to show potential buyer’s that the home is “gently used”.

Curb appeal

Just like books, many buyers judge a home by its cover despite the story that awaits them inside. They make snap decisions, even if they don’t realize it. Your home might be comparable to those on the rest of the block in terms of interior upgrades, but what does its exterior look like?

Appearance plays a big role in whether or not someone is drawn to an item. This is as true in real estate as it is anywhere else. To that end, make sure that your home looks nice from the curb! Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door, landscaping the yard—even if it’s small—and fixing cracked walkways or broken steps. Taking the time to address these issues can help your home make a great impression from the very start.

Home inspection

Is your home in good working order? Your major appliances may seem to be working, but what about the electrical and plumbing systems that you can’t see? It’s important to understand the answer to that question before you put your home on the market.

Let’s say, for example, that your home looks nice but a home inspection reveals a laundry list of surprising repairs that need to be made. Every one of those repairs is going to negatively impact the value of your home.

Avoid the shock by having your own inspection done and address problems head-on before you list the property. Research the best home warranty companies in California to streamline the repair process and provide new buyers some priceless peace of mind.

Stage to sell

Finally, make sure that your buyer’s can envision themselves in your home. You can do this by decluttering the space and making each area as clean and neutral as possible. In other words, give buyers a clean slate upon which they can visualize their future in the home. The faster someone else can picture themselves living in your home, the quicker you’re likely to receive an offer. Note that this can also sometimes mean removing some belongings and sending them to storage.

Are you hoping to sell your Bay Area home? Follow the tips above and you’re sure to get there sooner rather than later!

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