The Most Efficient Way to Unpack Once you’ve Moved Into your New Home

Guest Post by: Paige Mitchell

If you’ve ever moved to a new home, you know just how exciting and stressful it can be. Even after you’ve gotten all your belongings into your new place, the unpacking process can start to feel overwhelming.

Sometimes, it can even feel like living out of boxes until everything is slowly unpacked is your best option. But fortunately, the unpacking process doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Keep reading for some tips on the most efficient way to unpack once you’ve into your new home.

Clean Before You Unpack

Even if your new home looks spotless when you move in, it’s still a good idea to clean everything thoroughly. Since it’ll be much more difficult to clean once everything is in its designated place, it’s a good idea to get your cleaning done before you unpack.

Create a Labeling System for your Boxes

One of the worst things you can do is throw a bunch of random from different rooms into one box. Instead, you should try creating a specific labeling system for your boxes. You can organize your boxes by number or color based on what rooms the items go in.

As you (or movers) bring your belongings into your new home, they’ll know exactly where the boxes belong. When you start to unpack, you won’t have to worry about running around and trying to find all of your stuff.

Unpack Your Bedroom and Bathroom First

No matter how smooth your move goes, it’s still going to make for a pretty long day. The first thing on your mind will probably be climbing into bed for a good night’s sleep. By unpacking your bedroom and bathroom first, you’ll have all the necessities you need to get ready for bed on your first night.

As soon as your bed is set up in your room, you should unpack your bedding and make your bed. You can then move on to the rest of your bedroom items before moving on to the bathroom.

Don’t Unpack or Set Up Things That’ll Distract You

You may be tempted to set up your TV, computer, or game consoles right away, but this is one trap you definitely don’t want to fall into. It’s best to save electronic gadgets until the end of your unpacking process so you can avoid distractions as you unpack the rest of your things.

Don’t Unpack the Kitchen on Moving Day

The kitchen may seem fairly easy to unpack, but it’s usually one of the most time-consuming rooms due to the number of items, small appliances, and utensils you have in your kitchen. Since it can take a while to get your kitchen organized, you might want to put this room off until the day after you move. While you’re unpacking your kitchen, you should also ensure that all of your home appliances are working properly. The last thing you want is to realize the dishwasher is acting up after you finally finish unpacking.  

Enjoy Your New Home!

The best part of unpacking is undoubtedly when it’s all done. Once everything is in place, you can finally rest, relax, and enjoy the comforts of your new home.

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